What else besides WordPress?

What else besides WordPress?

This subdirectory was name WP because of a simple reason - It was previously named WP, but I didn't want to import those post over here.

I removed the rest of the posts while migrating the a new host, and I vowed secretly never to use a program with database anymore. NO, the problem was not with the program. It was my incompetence in handling importing and exporting the database. I spent so much time fixing it that I rather not use them any further. I am happier without it.

Besides naming it WP or blog, I could renamed it to:

  1. On
  2. Report
  3. About
  4. tldr
  5. Note
  6. Summary / sum
  7. Brief
  8. News
  9. Announce
  10. WhatsUp
  11. All
  12. Collect...

... the list is endless.

But since the WP subdirectory was already there so why wasted it, and futhermore it's bad for SEO for the whole folders to show a 404 file not found page.

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