NSK dot sg is:

  • NSK Singapore
  • NSK Starising
  • NSK Silver Generation.

This country-code second-level domain makes subdomains under it look like it's a organisation domain. It also serves as a url shortener.

Redesign, Rename and Redirect

NSK is migrating to a new hosting.

At the same time, I am redesigning a template to fit in few sites, which is part of a reconstruction and renaming exercise.

As such, websdiy.com will be redirected to websdiy.nsk.sg; starising.biz to become starising.nsk.sg, etc.

Webmaster NSK


Installing GDrive to Ubuntu

sudo apt install gnome-online-accounts gnome-control-center online-accounts

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Keywords Search Results
When I was using FireFox on Windows, I used to get keywords data at the sidebar of my search results. Now that I have switched to Linux, It took me some time to find out that that program was KeyWordsEverwhere Got the addon to Firefox immediately and signed up to obtain the api key. Now it's working as before.

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Keyword Everywhere is now a paid tool.

Shades of Gray:
https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_shades.asp https://www.eggradients.com/shades-of-gray-color

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Ubuntu screen freezes
while working on 4kDownload SlideMaker. Only Ctrl+Alt+F1 works. Back to login screen, but remains freezed after logining in. CAF1 again to restart from login screen.

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Tweet moved to here to TL;DR. There's no better category than this. Making it short and simple.

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New Hard Disk
WD Blue 1TB SATA 6gb 7200rpm DeskTop HardDrive ordered from Lazada delivered today. Linux installation starts today.

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