It's About NSKsg

It's All ABOUT Everything

  • It's a blog
  • It's a microblog
  • It's FaceBook
  • It's twitter
  • It's Instragram
  • It's LinkedIn
  • Or actually it's none of the above.
  • Or it's EVERYTHING together.

It doesn't really matter.

It's a blog without a blogging platform. And eventually a site without WordPress, other CMS or Static Site Generator. I may test them out at my other site but not here.

This is actually a static site built with just plain good old HTML and CSS.


This also sort of replaces my previous WPMU. I am still considering if I wanted to restored it here. Part of the problem was the SSL couldn't be issued to a wildcard setting. So the browser with gives a warning to those entering those sites on subdomains.

Also importing of MySQL and WP xml files are not without problems. Even though I've learnt how to deal with it after the last migration, I won't remember them this time round. That was years ago.

Stand alone installations may be easier, but one gets sick of it after moving a few sites.

blogs, notablog or about

This is not an usual about page.

It is unlike any other About page you have ever come across. I am not trying to be different. Just doing the same thing differently.

If I were to install WordPress, I wouldn't want to name it as "blog" or "WP" anymore. I would labeled it as "about". So the pages are pages and the posts are in "about".

Few years ago, I did something similiar to this at and I named it NoBlog. I can't code Categories and Tags so I discontinued it altogether. Today I wouldn't be bothered with Cats and Tags. Now visitors come, read a page and they leave immediately.

Few days ago, as soon as WordPress was being installed. a few comments came in within the first hour. The spammers are really fast. I haven't got the chance to do any settings yet! And the old Akismet registration couldn't worked anymore. or maybe it still does, but the existing set of registration number is no longer recognizable.

I'll come back to do the comments after I'm done with the migration.

Is there another name for a "blog"

While "About" may not be a right name as an alternative to a blog, I am still exploring what other words to use:

  1. NoBlog
  2. Notablog
  3. News
  4. Articles
  5. Press
  6. Records
  7. Notes
  8. Collect
  9. info
  10. Posts
  11. logs
  12. diary
  13. pov
  14. updates
  15. Thoughts
  16. Board
  17. Events
  18. Magz
  19. Journal
  20. Or maybe I should use back WordPress or any other blogging platfrom on another site. sigh...

#renaming #blog

Names, Usernames and Handles

I use several names online.

Usually I used differently handle with different sets of passwords and emails for verifications. Over the years, I've used:
  1. ngsk
  2. skyellow
  3. socket
  4. eskay
  5. suku
  6. skay
  7. yellow socket
  8. sk kuning
  9. starising

I think there are more... / about / YouAreHere

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