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After serving as webmaster for ToaPayohGuitarClub, I built this site to test out if I could beat the official website if mine is built on Localhost Local Domain.


This site is created mainly for my fellow club members, and a few sections particularly for my group members.

It's not a closed membership site yet so the contents are currently available to the public.

About The domain

  1. This is the process of merging 4 sites into one., and the consolidating exercise seems to take forever.
  2. The 4 sites are:
  3. This site will be mainly for the collection of club's events and compilations of music pieces for the club's ensemble and other personal arrangements.
  4. But the main focus for the time being is on 3P

  5. Lastly, this site will be converted into an app after it's almost done. Otherwise I would have all these hosted at instead.

The Gray Areas Project

It started with some sharing lessons with some newer members of some of the guitar playing techniques - mainly beginner's stuff. I called it the Grey Area Project.

I told those members I could hande about 10-12 members which could be 3 - 4 groups. I would named this group as TheGreyAreas and when they break up into smaller groups, it will be known as GreyArea1, GreyArea2, respectively. Each group will has it own group leader but when they are being grouped together, they will come under me.

About 3P -

Third Party is just a renaming exercise. When the Club's Chair used GAP to name some ad-hoc conductors or some special groups who are helping with the club, I decided to change TheGreyAreas to something else.

At about the same time, I registered the domain, so I thought I'll change GreyAreas to ThirdParty. / about / YouAreHere

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