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This site, Public Speaking Singapore Toastmasters , received enquires regularly for speechcraft and public speaking for children until I closed the comments section in 2018.

The speechcraft matters were redirected to the officers of District80 and I have no data on how the conversions were like.

The parents would enquired about public speaking for children during the school holidays. I too, have no idea what was the closing rate was like as most of the contacts went directly to a trainer.

I wished this was my business. This was one site that the responses came purely from search results.

And I was so low key that when the governor who received redirected emails from me for about 3 years didn't even know that I was that "provider" when we met at Toa Payoh Central TMC's anniversary.

My first website My first weblog

This was once the blog of Toa Payoh Central CC Toastmasters Club. It was supposed to be a group blog then but there was a lack of participation. I moved the blog here when I handed the website over to the club.

This happened to be my first blog and was using the program provided by b2-cafelog

Unfortunately all the posts were lost when I switched over to WordPress. More posts were lost when I moved the blog here. remains a project very dear to me. Of all my sites submitted, this is the only site that was accepted into the DMOZ back then. The editor must have been a Toastmaster. Whoever you are, thank you. © 2022

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