A Homepage and Index Page for WordPress

Home Page V3 For NSK
Another Temporary Home Page for NSK

I want to have a home page, and at the same time, I want the index page to continue showing a list of postings.
Setting the front page provided by TwentyTwelve will not work, as with any theme with WordPress. It will bypass the index and call the single.php instead, showing only the single post.
I created a home page and named it index.html, so that it will not overwrite the default inde page.
It works but, unfortunately, it clashes with the showing of the multisites. only those built with standalone WordPress would work. Multisites’ links lead to the index.html instead.

My Workaround

Renamed the home page as homepage.php and upload to the root directory, not the directory that contains the theme.
The actual home is still index.php with 10 postings, but the usual link to home (site title) is linked to the homepage.php instead.
Not exactly what I wanted, but I have a home page, and an index page.
This is home page version 3. Will leave it as it is now, and come back to do a version 4 when the time comes.

Workaround #2

Since this is built with multisite, I could have set up a blog on another subdomain and named it something like webmaster.nsk.sg. Now I can have a home page at the root directory, website at webmastering.nsk.sg, and blog at webmaster.nsk.sg.

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