Get Indexed By Google In 5 days

The fist page created for this site
My first HomePage

I am no Search Engine Optimization guru, nor am I a SEO expert. I am just a webmaster. But this is how I got my newly-registered domain listed with Google in 5 days with just a home page and no other content pages whatsoever.
Do just one web page and upload it to your server.
Your other pages may take days or weeks to complete, depending on how fast you could get it done. No hurry. Take your time. The idea here is to get your site indexed with just a page.You don’t have to complete the rest of the pages to get indexed by Google and Bing.
Once your site is indexed, the rest is easier.
These are the only 3 files you need to prepare:

  1. index.html or index.php – the home page
  2. robots.txt
  3. sitemap.xml

Upload them to your server immediately.
If you have an existing site, provide a link from that site. This is the secret of getting your site indexed. If you wait for the search engines to discover your new site, it’s going to take some time. You could submit your site to notify them of your new site, but I don’t like the idea. I rather submit through the Google Webmaster Tools.
Surely you have an existing site, like one with or Blogger. Just insert your link in your new post, like I now blog at – effective webmaster guide for site owners or this site has moved to – webmastering 101 tips for site owners
What if you don’t? Read till the bottom of this page.
Wait for a few days.
I didn’t check every day. On the fifth day, when I keyed my domain on Google search. It appeared.
Now, the speed of having it indexed depends on how quickly the Googlebot visit your existing site.
It showed up in Bing a few days later. I didn’t keep track so I couldn’t remember how many days later.
Earlier, I mentioned using Google Webmaster Tools. Let do it at the same time.

Submission throught Google Webmaster Tools

Log into your Google’s Webmaster Tools to submit your sitemap.xml and robots.txt.
If you do not already have an account, sign up with your Gmail account.
You must have have Google’s Webmaster Tools if you want to monitor the progress of your website. Get it while it’s free.
Inside the Google Webmasters Tools, when you add your site, Google will need you to upload a verification file to your server for proof of ownership.
Copy the file provided by Google and upload it to your server.
After successful verification, submit your robots.txt and sitemap.xml.

What’s in your index page?

You can put in just your domain name, but that’s not very helpful. My domain is It doesn’t say much about what it is and what it does. It will still get indexed, but that’s not what I want.

What’s your USP?

My site is about :
Helping site owners to be the webmasters of their website.
A showcase of how I build websites on subdomains with WordPress and Static Pages.
Most importantly – the local search strategy
I am not a fast writer. It will surely take some time to have the above phrased nicely and orderly. So I just scribbled “Webmastering Tips For Site Owner, Coming Soon” and have it uploaded immediately.
Over the course of the next few days, I made several changes, even after it was indexed.
Homepage 2 and 3
Will your site get indexed by Google in 5 days? It’s all about timing. You may get indexed in 3 days. If you are lucky, the moment you provide the link or submit your site through Google Webmaster Tools, the robots arrived. Or it make one a month later. This is something beyond our control. But whatever the case, do it fast. Don’t waste time searching for the perfect image or editing the HTML.
Just do in 15mins and upload immediately. You can do the editing later.
If you looked at my screenshots provided, you’ll noticed I made several changes over the courses of a few days. The preview link wasn’t present in my first homepage. It was provided after I did installed WordPress and it was linked to the default first post – Hello World.
Homepage 4

Samples for robots.txt and sitemap.xml

Open your notepad, copy and paste the text below, and save it as robots.txt .

User-agent: *
Allow: /

Now, open another new file and save the following as sitemap.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<urlset xmlns="">

Remember to change the domain name to yours.
That’s all you need to do. Now wait, they will come.

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