Make Money From Forex Without Trading

Make Money On Forex Without Trading
Screenshot of Keyword Forex taken from KeywordSpy

Forex trading is a lucrative industry, a dynamic business; both online and off. Look at the daily papers. They’re filled with forex training seminars everyday. That’s one of the ways to make money from Forex without trading.
To make money online, you may want to consider building a website on this niche. Look at the keywords supplied by the keyword tool shown above.

Forex is indeed a HOT Keyword…

Look at the volume and look at the amount advertisers are bidding.
Having a high payout means you earn more if your websites are carrying adverts for forex, you’re earn higher returns than other niches.
On the other hand, if you are trying to sell a forex related product, be prepared to pay a higher amount to have your ads placed at a higher positions.
That means, to save cost or to have a higher earnings, you have to depend on organic search results, or have your traffic coming from other sources, like tapping on social media networks.

Be different

Also, your Site Theme Concept and contents have to be unique since the competitions are fierce. You can forget about providing contents from private labels. Take any private label articles or books you have. Do a search on the title or a few phrases. You’re find tons of similar pages online. You may stand a better chance by reading out those articles and post them to Youtube. You may stand a better chance of being found if you tagged on the right keywords.
Visitor from Youtube may click on your links provided to arrive at your website. Similarly you could bring in visitors from your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
If you are depending on organic search results, play a different game.

First, think local

Get a local domain and a local hosting. I recommend Vodien.
Next, select your domain name carefully. Some keyword domain match may still be available in .sg. Otherwise go for a read short domain. Work on domain hack like,


Now another non Forex-related tip from

The subdomain strategy has been exploited by many internet marketers but few talked about it. Most would recommend a longer keyword domain match dot com domain.
If you thinking of a domain, take it if it’s available but redirect it to a shorter domain. Let your URL looks natural.

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