Structured Data Markup

This is my first attempt on Google’s Structured Data Markup found inside Google Webmaster Tools under Data Highlighter of Search Appearance.
Structured Data Markup by Google Webmaster Tools. (Requires sign-in with your Gmail account)
The target page needed for the Structured Display is at:
It would be clearer to the public if the info is displayed as:

NameOfClub	     Address		Date  	 Price 

Now Google tries to be helpful

When the page was loaded inside Google Webmaster Tools, I realised I need to make a change with the template. The default with sidebar was not what I wanted. It should be the one display full-page-width without the sidebar.

Previous page shown despite several updates and hours later
Old page shown in Webmasters Tools

The template was corrected, but Google continues to show the old page. There is no option for me to reload or tell Google that the WP page has been revised.
After going ahead with the highlighting, I clicked for it to be published, though Google shows numerous errors; mostly on the date format.
The 2 Events Saved in Webmaster Toos
Data Highlighter Inside Webmaster Tools

Playing with Schema

I now have a brief idea of how the data should be coded for Google to understand it. I went in again to the blog to add data to the page.
I’ve read about this before but have never seriously thought about implementing to any of my pages. Now is the best opportunity to apply it and see the outcome of the search result, should it ever get accepted by Google. provides the help, but I don’t think I understood everything I read.
Let me copy from an example and see how it works out. The page I am doing is a promotion for Singapore’s first ever island wide speechcraft workshop. Should I mark it under LocalBusiness or Event? Let me try Event. I’ll come back to change it to Local Business if this is not right.

The Codes

<div itemscope itemtype=””>
<dt itemprop=”name”>Club Name</dt>
<dd itemprop=”location”>Club Address</dd>
<dd> <meta itemprop=”startDate” content=”2013-09-03″/>3, <meta itemprop=”startDate” content=”2013-09-10″/>10, <meta itemprop=”startDate” content=”2013-09-17″/>17, <meta itemprop=”startDate” content=”2013-09-24″/>24 September 2013, 7pm-10pm </dd>

Not sure if this new coding is helpful to Google Webmaster Tools. Few hours later, it continues to show the old page with the side bar.
As Google is unable to present the new coded page, the most I can do is let Google publish the old page.
When the new page shows up in the Webmaster Tools then would I be able to do the Structured Data Markup onto the new page.
If the data gets displayed correctly, the next site to do is Lego Serious Play Singapore.

Other references on Structured Data

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