wp theme zh2

Theme used for this site – ZH2
Creator – Leo Babauta
More about – Minimalism
Notes – To learn more about the theme


Its free to use – You may download here
Or An Updated & Enhanced Remake – zh2plus
Install guide – Read this before you install and customize.

Using a minimalist theme

I usually design my own theme. But this time round, I need to use somebody else’s design. When you tear down too much, it may collapse. So it’s safer to use a design that the creator is using it currently.
There’s a slight difference – This site is built with multiple sites enabled. Not sure if everything works as in a single site.
I need to disable the JetPack as it interferes with mobile viewing.
I cannot spend too much time on the look and feel. I got to quickly get over it and move on to the next project.