WP Multisite Setup Complete

Well, it’s only partially completed.
As this domain is an addon domain, multisite on subdomain could be set up successfully but virtual subdomains cannot be added. Any site added will simply be linked to http://maindomain.tld/wp-signup.php?new=addnewsite.nsk.sg
WP multisite requires the domain to be installed on the public_html.
An addon domain will looks like this instead:
So how should I proceed?
I have 2 options:

  1. To treat it as a stand-alone install or
  2. to stick to the multisite install.

The multisite is not a must-have, but I’ll just need it for later showcase and as I’ll be recommending the hosting I am using, it will kind of show you what the level of support the hosting is providing in terms of support and technical help.
I’ll have to call the hosting company to help me make the switch: to place this domain as the main account and move the main to the addon.
If you do not understand this part, just ignore. You may not be ready for WP multisite. If you are new, a regular WP is good enough for you.
Even if you need to upgrade to multisite at a later date, it will still work, except that you’ll have to settle with additional sites on subdirectories instead of subdomains.
That is:
nsk.sg/site1/, nsk.sg/site2/, and so on instead of
site1.nsk.sg, site2.nsk.sg/, etc…
Personally, I prefer subdomains on this site. That’s the reason why I go for a 3-letter domain. For a longer Exact Match Domain(EMD), I’d have opt for subfolders for multisite.
I have on another site several instances of WordPress installed on subdomains which work just fine. More work on upgrading but less problems. Less sitewide problems.

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