Host Migration

Host migration in progress, Please come back soon… was once used to test out my sites with local domains on local host.

The sites were mainly for some non-profit organisations.
The experiment is considered done. Next is to merge all the local and global sites into a hosting and improve on their speed.
It may be a short stint. I’ll be moving into cloud hosting very soon..

Then can’t I move my other sites to Vodien? No. Even with the WebPlan package. It allows only 10 MySQL and 9 addon domains.
I remembered when I signed up then, the package I signed up with came with unlimited MySQL, but now it’s limited to 5 and I’ve used up all the 5.

So sad to be leaving Vodien. Of all the hosting companies that I had worked with, namely:
SiteGround, A2hosting, W3hub, PixelDot, iPage and Vodien; the ftp sessions run the fastest in Vodien – with such amazing speed for both uploading and downloading!

And the SSL was even activated without notice, or maybe I missed the notifications.
Over at the other host, I have to pay for the the SSL cert and an additional installation fee as it was ordered from a third party.
While in the process of moving my sites to the new hosting, I received notice that every site will be given free SSL cert with auto renewal.
So does the new hosting. Never mind, I’ll come back again for the cloud.

As for Vodien – it still deserves my recommendations!