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NSKsg is currently undergoing a server migration

That's not all. At the same time, I am merging a few sites into one. But more importantly, I am moving to a VPS hosting. The website speedtest jumps from C to A+!

Server speed test by Bitcatcha

Consolidating a few sites into one

So this is almost a 5-in-1. Any domain that can be thrown into this hosting will form part of the subdomain:

Moving away from WordPress

Not only WP, but also those website builders that require a database. After a few migrations. I have to conclude that moving static sites are almost instant, without the hassle of exporting database, changing of usernames, prefix and corrections.

While there are those who vouch for the simplicity of moving WP, but I don't. I'll stay away from MySQL for any new installations.

This site is built with WPMU and some other stand alone WP. So I'll have to decide to do another import of WP or abandon it completely. The reason to rebuild it will obviously be an SEO consideration.

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